Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sm * sh (boyband from Indonesia which has thousands of female fans)

sm * sh (seven man as seven heroes) is the name of the boy band from Indonesia who are very famous name, the name seemed to sm * sh rocketed to the top of the music industry in Indonesia. they have thousands of fans who was named 'smash blast'.

sm * sh consists of 7 boys are energetic, handsome, good dancing, an attractive appearance to the trend of young people and some of them could break dance. they are Morgan, Rafael, Rangga, Dicky, Bhishma, Reza, and Ilham

Smash began his famous since the launch of their first song entitled 'i heart you', i heart you this song is a song that expresses a feeling of love to one woman. and even in singing this song by sm * sh with their style and be energetic songs full of joy.

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