Wednesday, June 8, 2011

fans source spirit of 'the star'.

Fans  is a person who is always in the back of an artist,
they are a tangible form of liking towards something. a lot of music artist or band that has many fans. they always exist wherever the stars are doing the show or concert.


no matter the heat or rain, no less willing to squeeze even from those who yell to cry hysterically when you meet with the artist. for the most fanatical fans and some even up to imitate the style of the artist, ranging from hair styles, manner of speaking, style of dress, and there is an established community of fans.

these artists should be proud if you have thousands of fans because even a star would not be meaningful without the fans, they are the one who makes an artist becomes famous and great.
they do not want anything, just want to meet her idol, asking for autographs or even give something a gift to the idol.

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