Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tips for buying and setting precise guitar effects, for the game satisfactorily.

buy a quality guitar effects are a must for the guitarist, for a guitarist who is proficient certainly not a difficult thing to choose a good guitar effects, but for the beginner needs to fully understand the desired sound problems when playing the guitar.

actually buy guitar effects do not need expensive, but for that we are in demand careful when choosing a guitar effect. for example you buy a stomp box effects and composing his own, maybe his voice will be better results in comparing the effects of the digital guitar. note the series of stomp boxes below:

or with a blend of digital effects such as picture below:

and the following video as an example of selecting a good effect:

I think the circuit is very simple in use and will produce a very nice voice.
then here are some tips for setting the resulting sound is clear and cool:
- setting Midle between 20-50% and the treble around 70%.
- if you play the song you just need a distortion is distortion I suggest setting the level of 30% just for the sound that produced clear
-but if you play rock songs, setting treble distortion and large combination will create a sound that will produce very good snaps.

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