Monday, October 3, 2011

Agnes Monica-MTV EMA 2011 , Vote Now!

Agnes Monica-MTV EMA 2011
Agnes Monica get an unexpected surprise after his election to the MTV EMA nomination in 2011,Thats a first time an Indonesian singer was chosen in the nomination Europan Music Awards in this year. Agnes monica a few months living in Los Angeles to work on the new album was deeply shocked to hear the news from a friend who said that Agnes Monica nominated in the 'Worldwide Act Asia Pacific Nominees'. but to win the award agnes must compete with some great singers such as Big Bang, Exile, Gotye, Jane Zhang, Jay Chou and sia.

MTV EMA 2011 is one of the most prestigious awards, and perhaps now is the time to agnes, has obtained many awards from within or outside the country. countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, the Netherlands, even korea has recognized the quality of an Agnes Monica. Indonesia on a TV show via video calls, Agnes said that 'already feeling grateful to have entered into one of the 2011 EMA nominees, the nominations for the Agnes has become its own victory'. For those of you who want Agnes
win 'Worldwide Asia Pacific Nominees EMA Act ​​2011' please VOTE! so Indonesia should be proud for having Fabulous Artists with Great talent like Agnes Monica

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