Friday, March 18, 2011

Confidential setting guitar like the masters

setting a good guitar and the sound certainly is in need to support the appearance of the guitarists. a guitarist in said cool not because of her physical appearance alone, but his performance with the guitar he played. for that I share my knowledge as a guitarist.

The following are tips for your guitar looks cool as you:

  1. Adjust the guitar and setting a tone that you use with your type of music that will play.
  2. pick ups in use must be precise, the thickness of the pick is very influential on the guitar sound that is issued.
  3. to set the tone for not too much use of distortion, use 20% distortion. because of distortion (GAIN) that too much will make your guitar sound becomes chaotic.
  4. but if you play a song with a guitar lead single tone, high GAIN settings can improve the sustain, harmonics were amazing.
  5. in effect setting the guitar, put a compressor before distortion. it prevents feedback microfonik.
  6. add DELAY 200-400ms to smooth lead guitar. and distortion (GAIN), 20-50% of the main signal.
  7. and avoid the bad guitar tone using a vibrator good.

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