Wednesday, March 9, 2011

erwin gutawa 'A Masterpiece of erwin gutawa'

A Masterpiece of erwin gutawa is the title of concert music on the title by the famous composer Erwin gutawa. event Saturday (26/02/2011) in the plenary hall jakarta convention center was very festive with the support of 90 orchestra musicians, the stage, sound system and a series of magnificent musicians homeland.

3000 more viewers when it began to rumble when the show starts, treat songs from the 70s era, various kinds of music ranging from jazz, rock, pop and blues also makes the audience when it moved from his seat.

erwin gutawa night even collaborated with the beloved daughter named 'gita gutawa' brought some songs such as 'to be one', 'do be do ' and parasites. but what impressed me was when sandhi Sondoro collaborate with musical accompaniment erwin gutawa sing 'why do you love me' creation koes plus.

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